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erxes is an open source growth marketing platform. Marketing, sales, and customer service platform designed to help your business attract more engaged customers. Replace Hubspot with the mission and community-driven ecosystem.

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Running the server

1. Node (version >= 4) and NPM need to be installed.

2. Clone and install dependencies.

git clone https://github.com/erxes/erxes-widgets.git
cd erxes-widgets
yarn install

3. Create configuration from sample file. We use dotenv for this.

cp .env.sample .env

This configuration matches with the default configurations of other erxes platform repositories. For the first time run, you don't need to modify it.

.env file description

PORT=3200                                                (Server port)
ROOT_URL=http://localhost:3200                           (Widgets server url)
MAIN_API_URL=http://localhost:3300                       (erxes-api server url)
API_GRAPHQL_URL=http://localhost:3100/graphql            (erxes-widgets-api server url)
API_SUBSCRIPTIONS_URL=ws://localhost:3300/subscriptions  (erxes-api server)

4. Start the server.

For development:

yarn dev

For production:

yarn build
yarn start

5. Running servers:


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Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2018 erxes Inc - Released under the MIT license.