Materials for my SciPy2013 tutorial on NumPy and IPython
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SciPy 2013 Tutorial - NumPy and IPython

Materials repository for my SciPy 2013 tutorial on NumPy and IPython.


README.rst:this file
README.pdf:this file as PDF
intro.rst:introductory slides (rendered as HTML on GitHub)
intro.pdf:introductory slides as PDF
ipython.ipynb:the IPython notebook introduction to the IPython notebook (rendered as HTML on nbviewer)
array_object.ipynb:numpy part 1 IPython notebook (rendered as HTML on nbviewer)
operations.ipynb:numpy part 2 IPython notebook (rendered as HTML on nbviewer)
scipy_lectures_html/:HTML build of the Python Scientific Lecture Notes
abstract.rst:abstract for the tutorial (rendered as HTML on GitHub)
abstract.pdf:abstract for the tutorial as PDF
intro_src/:build directory for the introductory slides
images/:image files