Firmware code for the Escornabot with Arduino Nano compatible boards.
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Arduino firmware for Escornabot

Travis Build Status

This is the Arduino firmware to upload to the Escornabot.

More info about the Escornabot at

Please, open issues here if you find any problem with this firmware. Thank you!

Download the __last version from here


Compilation and upload with Arduino IDE

  1. Install the Arduino IDE

  2. Copy the right configuration to the Escornabot directory.

  3. Follow this guide compilated by @escornafan (in Spanish).

Compilation and upload with PlatformIO

You only need to install PlatformIO CLI:

pip install -U platformio

There is a project file platformio.ini to compile and upload escornabot firmware to the Atmel AVR platform + Arduino framework for Arduino Nano and Arduino Micro boards.

Arduino Nano

# compile firmware and upload firmware to an Arduino Nano:
pio run -e nano -t upload

Arduino Micro

# compile firmware and upload firmware to an Arduino Micro:
pio run -e micro -t upload

Branches and releases

Escornabot's repository flows through 2 main branches:

  • stable: well-tested firmware that you usually have to work with. Released versions are named with even minor numbers (x.0, x.2, ...).
  • testing: new features and minor bugs pending of testing in deep. Released versions are named with odd minor numbers (x.1, x.3, ...).

Releases are published ready to download in zip format.