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This is a microblog app. Forget about twitter, facebook, g+... Forget about going social at all!

WorkLog will allow you to keep a log of your work process, with some features I found very usefull:

  • You can add formatting using pillar (Markdown support might come, but for the moment is not implemented)
  • You do not have 140 characters max (probably you will not need much more, but anyway, the limitation is annoying :P)
  • You can disqus posts.
  • Posts are interpreted and links are detected and listed (so is easy to find them)
  • Since is made for my own work, it understand links like *case:12345* as a link to pharo fogbugz case 12345.
  • It has a command line!


It is a Seaside app, with a /web application a /api rest and a /rss client. It uses Voyage and a MongoDB as backend.


Is implemented as a command line handler. You have several bash scripts that wraps functionality, but basically you have:


worklog --help
worklog --add [--text="<text to log>"|--file="<file to use as text>"]
worklog --open
worklog --review  --lapse=[day|week|month]
worklog --create-config
worklog --update-server
worklog --update-status
worklog --update-client
worklog --remove --id="<log id>" 

	Prints this help.
	Adds a log..
--text="<text to log>"
	Specifies the text to log.

--file="<file to use as text>"		
	Specifies a file with the log.	
	Opens a dialog to add a log.
	Prints a review of the worklog.
	--review will be printed for this day (this is the default), this week or this month.

	Create a sample configuration file.

	Starts and update process on server (it will be updated with master branch on github).
	Prints update status from server

	Updates this client (it will be updated with master branch on github).
	Remove one log identified with the permaLink number (needs to be used with --id). 
 --id="<log id>" 
	Refers to permaLink of the log to be removed with --remove 


No idea (about the future in general and this app in particular). But it might be cool to add:

  • Make a builder/installer (maybe with CMake?). It would be cool to show how you can build apps "traditional style" :)
  • Search by text
  • Archive (too see older months)
  • Team support (how cool would be a team showing their progess all together)
  • Markdown support (?)