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Quick start

You can pull and run the latest versions of Phabulous using a pre-built image stored on This might be convenient if you are using a container-based platform or don't want to mess with application binaries.

WARNING: The :lastest and :master image tags are built every time new commits are landed on master, so we can't guarantee that it will be stable. Use them at your own risk. Otherwise, use a stable tag such as v3.0.x.

Available tags:

To get a working Phabulous server with a single command, you can run (with your own configuration):

docker run -ti --rm \
  -e SLACK_TOKEN=xoxb-00000000000-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa \
  -e CONDUIT_TOKEN=api-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \

All configuration keys should be customizable using environment variables (as mentioned here). Alternatively, you can also mount a local volume with your main.yml to /go/src/ inside the container.


A sample deployment, configmap, and service are available at

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