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Cythonic wrapper around nanosvg for rasterizing SVGs
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NOTE: nanosvg is no longer actively maintained

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Pynanosvg is a wrapper around nanosvg a simple svg parsing library. I created pynanosvg because the only other options in Python were the librsvg bindings, which are very large!



git clone --recursive
cd pynanosvg
python3 -m pip install .

or just

python3 -m pip install pynanosvg


The following parses an SVG file, rasterizes it, and saves it as a PNG

# import things
from svg import Parser, Rasterizer, SVG
from PIL import Image  # for saving rasterized image
# Parse from a file
svg = Parser.parse_file('my_cool_img.svg')
print('Image is {} by {}.'.format(svg.width, svg.height))
rast = Rasterizer()
buff = rast.rasterize(svg, svg.width, svg.height)
im = Image.frombytes('RGBA', svg.width, svg.height, buff)'my_cool_img.png')  # save the converted image!
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