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Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs)

Before you initiate a pull request, please read the EIP-1 process document. Ideas should be thoroughly discussed on Ethereum Research or Ethereum Magicians first.

This repository tracks ongoing improvements to Ethereum. It contains:

For help implementing an EIP, please visit Ethereum Stack Exchange.

If you would like to become an EIP Editor, please check EIP-5069.


The goal of the EIP project is to document standardized protocols for Ethereum clients and applications and to document them in a high-quality and implementable way.

Preferred Citation Format

The canonical URL for an EIP that has achieved draft status at any point is at For example, the canonical URL for EIP-1 is

Please consider anything which is not published on as a working paper.

And please consider anything published at with a status of "draft" as an incomplete draft.


This repository contains an "auto-merge" feature to ease the workload for EIP editors. Pull requests to any EIP will be auto-merged if the EIP's authors approve the PR on GitHub. This is handled by EIP-Bot.


Pull requests in this repository must pass automated validation checks:

It is possible to run the EIP validator locally:

cargo install eipv

Build the status page locally

Install prerequisites

  1. Open Terminal.

  2. Check whether you have Ruby 2.1.0 or higher installed:

    ruby --version
  3. If you don't have Ruby installed, install Ruby 2.1.0 or higher.

  4. Install Bundler:

    gem install bundler
  5. Install dependencies:

    bundle install

Build your local Jekyll site

  1. Bundle assets and start the server:

    bundle exec jekyll serve
  2. Preview your local Jekyll site in your web browser at http://localhost:4000.

More information on Jekyll and GitHub pages here.