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@frozeman frozeman released this Jan 11, 2016

screen shot 2016-01-08 at 2 29 48 pm

This is mainly a bug fix release, as well as containing the latest geth 1.3.3 node and doing some improvements in the contract execution based on user feedback.

  • Updates geth to the latest version
  • Contract variable and function names that are either CamelCased or with underlines on the name are displayed with space separation, to make them easier to read
  • Adds some naive auto detection of timestamps, displaying the time since when detects them.
  • Renames true and false to Yes and No and adds checkmark
  • Adds 100k extra gas to all transactions above the gas cost estimate
  • Naive detection of out of gas transactions
  • Fixed an issue that prevented multiple contract executions one after the other

Note Linux 32 and Windows 32, don't come with a node shipped. If you want to help create builds please contact us.

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