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Ethereum Classic

Keep the original censorship-resistant Ethereum going!

# Ethereum Classic Community Repository


This repository houses all the essential assets and documents related to the Ethereum Classic community. The purpose of this repository is to maintain transparency, foster open collaboration, and serve as a central hub for the entire community. The main components of this repository include the Ethereum Classic website, Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposals (ECIPs), and Community Call planning.

Table of Contents

  1. Description
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Website
  4. ECIPs
  5. Community Calls
  6. Contribution Guidelines
  7. License


The repository contains all the assets and source code used for the Ethereum Classic website. This includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript files, images, fonts, and other relevant assets.


Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposals (ECIPs) are design documents providing information to the Ethereum Classic community, or describing a new feature for Ethereum Classic or its processes or environment. This section contains all the ECIPs that have been proposed, those under discussion, and those already implemented.

Community Calls

The Community Calls section includes the planning and minutes of all Ethereum Classic Community Calls. These Community Calls are a critical part of the Ethereum Classic decision-making process, where various proposals are discussed, updates are given, and community members have a chance to voice their opinions.

Contribution Guidelines

We welcome all contributions! Before contributing, please read our files in the repos. It provides detailed instructions on how to contribute to each part of the repository. Make sure to also check out our to ensure your contributions align with the community values.

Community Discord

For any queries or discussions, please join us in the community discord! We are excited to see how this repository grows with your contributions!


  1. Public

    Ethereum Classic Website

    JavaScript 165 238

  2. ECIPs ECIPs Public

    HTML 81 63

  3. community-calls community-calls Public

    a repository for coordination of community calls and hangouts

    8 14

  4. tweets-etc_network tweets-etc_network Public

    🟠 Submit Tweets to the @ETC_Network Twitter account

    10 10

  5. volunteer volunteer Public

    Io 6 8

  6. tweets-eth_classic tweets-eth_classic Public

    🟩 Submit tweets to the @eth_classic Twitter account

    5 9


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