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Docker image scripts for ev3dev

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Ev3dev Docker Library

This repository is used to create the official ev3dev docker images.

Image Variants

There are many images. Here's how to sort them out.

  • The image names follow the pattern ev3dev-<dist>-<hardware>-<variant>.
    • <dist> is the Debian distribution it is based on, e.g. jessie, stretch...
    • <hardware> is the hardware platform, e.g. ev3 for LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, bone for BeagleBone, rpi for Raspberry Pi 0/1 and rpi2 for Raspberry Pi 2/3.
    • <variant> describes which extra packages are installed. base is a minimal system. generic is what is used for the official image releases.

Using the Images

  • First, you will need to install Docker Engine on your system.

  • Then grab an ev3dev image:

      docker pull ev3dev/ev3dev-jessie-ev3-base
  • Make a shorter name for the image:

      docker tag ev3dev/ev3dev-jessie-ev3-base ev3
  • You can start a shell as the robot user in the image:

      docker run --rm -it ev3 su -l robot
  • But, the main purpose of these Docker images is to create bootable SD card images using the brickstrap tool.

      brickstrap create-tar ev3dev/ev3dev-jessie-ev3-generic ev3dev.tar
      brickstrap create-image ev3dev.tar ev3dev.img


  • You can use a specific version of an image by adding a "tag" to the name: