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Daniel Shaver Simulator: An Arduboy Game About the Shooting of Daniel Shaver

Demo of Daniel Shaver Simulator gameplay

Playthrough Video

How to Install the Game

  1. Buy an Arduboy.
  2. Install the Arduino IDE and the Arduboy libraries.
  3. Save this file as "daniel-shaver-sim.ino".
  4. Open the file in the Arduino IDE.
  5. Click "OK" to allow the IDE to move the file.
  6. Turn on the Arduboy.
  7. Connect your Arduboy to your computer by USB cable.
  8. In the IDE:
    1. In the menu "Tools > Board:", select "Arduino Leonardo".
    2. In the menu "Tools > Port:", select the port that ends with "(Arduino Leonardo)".
    3. In the menu "Sketch", select "Upload".
    4. Wait until it says "Done uploading".


This game is about the shooting of Daniel Shaver by Mesa police officer Philip Brailsford.