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golang library to interface with Pioneers PRO DJ Link network
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Pioneer PRO DJ LINK client

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This go library provides an API to the Pioneer PRO DJ LINK network. Providing various interactions and event subscribing.

Massive thank you to @brunchboy for his work on dysentery.

import ""

Basic usage

network, err := prolink.Connect()
network.AutoConfigure(5 * time.Second)

dm := network.DeviceManager()
st := network.CDJStatusMonitor()

added := func(dev *prolink.Device) {
    fmt.Printf("Connected: %s\n", dev)

removed := func(dev *prolink.Device) {
    fmt.Printf("Disconected: %s\n", dev)

dm.OnDeviceAdded("", prolink.DeviceListenerFunc(added))
dm.OnDeviceRemoved("", prolink.DeviceListenerFunc(removed))

statusChange := func(status *prolink.CDJStatus) {
    // Status packets come every 300ms, or faster depending on what is
    // happening on the CDJ. Do something with them.



  • Listen for Pioneer PRO DJ LINK devices to connect and disconnect from the network using the DeviceManager. Currently active devices may also be queried.

  • Receive Player status details for each CDJ on the network. The status is reported as CDJStatus structs.

  • Query the Rekordbox remoteDB server present on both CDJs themselves and on the Rekordbox (PC / OSX / Android / iOS) software for track metadata using RemoteDB. This includes most metadata fields as well as (low quality) album artwork.

  • View the status of a DJ setup as a whole using the mixstatus.Processor. This allows you to determine the status of tracks in a mixing situation. Has the track been playing long enough to be considered 'now playing'?

Limitations, bugs, and missing functionality

  • [GH-1] Currently the software cannot be run on the same machine that is running Rekordbox. Rekordbox takes exclusive access to the socket used to communicate to the CDJs making it impossible to receive track status information

  • [GH-6] To read track metadata from the CDJs USB drives you may have no more than 3 CDJs. Having 4 CDJs on the network will only allow you to read track metadata through linked Rekordbox.

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