Getting started guide for Python apps on EvenNode
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A bare Python app, which can be deployed to EvenNode and will get you started with Python apps.

Running Locally

Make sure you have Python installed.

$ git clone
$ cd python-getting-started

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python collectstatic

$ gunicorn gettingstarted.wsgi

Your app should now be running on localhost:8000.

Deploying to EvenNode

In order to deploy to EvenNode you need to create a new Python app with EvenNode.
When your app is created, you can use FTP deployment or git to deploy your app. For more information about deployment visit our documentation. The following code helps you deploy via git.

$ git clone
$ cd python-getting-started

Lookup the git repository name listed on the "Information" tab of your app in EvenNode's web console to add a remote git repository.

$ git remote add evennode

Deploy app to EvenNode.

$ git push evennode master


For more information about using Python on EvenNode, see our documentation: