Firefox web extension that lets you copy link text and location.
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Link Text and Location Copier

Firefox web extension that helps you creating links right from the context menu. It copies a link’s text and location, the page title and URL, or selected text and page url as either plain text, html, Markdown or BB Code links.

Install Link Text and Location Copier from

Documentation and changelog

Heavily inspired by the CoLT add-on, using code from Firefox's context-menu-copy-link-with-types web extension example.

Paint Brush Icon made by Flat Icons is licensed by CC 3.0 BY


  • Add fancy icon
  • Add more 'copy as' formats (Markdown, BBCode, what-have-you)
  • Come up with better icon
  • Add documentation
  • Make configurable/Customization
    • Toggle local/synced storage (use export/import)
    • Make options page prettier
    • Internationalize options page
    • Export/Import settings
    • Conditional logic for templates
    • Further enhancements TBA
  • Requested: Rich Text format
  • Improve and expose test page
  • Copy actions for (linked) images
  • Make extension work in Chrome/Opera/Edge