Java source code to support the book "Java For Testers"
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java For Testers Source Code

Copyright 2013 Alan Richardson, Compendium Developments


Java source code to support the book "Java For Testers" by Alan Richardson.

This contains all the examples and exercise answers for the book.

The main website for the book is

You can purchase the book on leanpub:


This code is an extract from the actual source used to create the book. The actual source has embedded macros to allow the book to be automatically generated. While the extraction process has been tested, it may still contain errors. If you find differences from the book, or discover errors in this code, please let the author know. All @Test code has been run prior to the source release.

You can see a cloud build of the code provided by

Build Status


You can use this source for personal use to help you learn Java and to work through the book "Java For Testers".

Please do not use this code as part of any training that you provide to other people, it is for personal use only. If you wish to use this code for public training or commercially, please contact the author to discuss commercial licensing terms.

If you use this code in your own projects, you do so at your own risk, no warranty is provided or implied by release of this source.