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Open source headless CMS that could help manage and deliver any JSON to any app.


Any JSON CMS consists of two parts. Admin application server and API server. To install Any JSON CMS you should install this parts separately.

Basic usage

Create a model

Model is a schema which gives an answer: how does your content entry should look like?

Create an entry

Entry is content itself based on corresponding model.

Create an API Key

Any client requesting content from the API needs to provide an API Key.

Fetch your entries

Fetch your entries as a JSON and use them in any app.

curl -H "ApiKey: ad39d7bd70266cc0c178260e061a3f1b42ab329e"

You will get:

    "id": "5ce9825f69593f074d954c60",
    "identificator": "Interstellar",
    "value": {
      "title": "Interstellar"
    "modelId": "5ce980d369593f074d954c5f"
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