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Nanoservice WAR Demo

German / Deutsch

This project creates a VM with the complete nanoservices system in a Docker container. The services are implemented in Java using Spring Boot.

It uses three nanoservices:

  • Order to process orders.
  • Customer to handle customer data.
  • Catalog to handle the items in the catalog.

Each nanoservice is a WAR file. They share a Tomcat to server to run on.

How To Run

  • Install Maven, see
  • Install Docker, see
  • Install Virtual Box from
  • Install Docker Machine, see
  • Go to directory war-demo and run mvn package there
  • Execute docker-machine create --virtualbox-memory "4096" --driver virtualbox dev . This will create a new environment called devwith Docker Machine. It will be virtual machine in Virtual Box with 4GB RAM.
    • Execute eval "$(docker-machine env dev)" (Linux / Mac OS X) or docker-machine.exe env --shell powershell dev (Windows, Powershell) / docker-machine.exe env --shell cmd dev (Windows, cmd.exe). Now the docker tool will use the newly created virtual machine as environment.
  • Change to the directory war-demo and run docker build --tag=war-demo .followed by docker run -p 8080:8080 war-demo.

The result should be:


Demo for Nanoservices using WARs and Tomcat




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