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This folder is primarily a container for the top-level pieces of the application. While you can remove some files and folders that this application does not use, be sure to read below before deciding what can be deleted and what needs to be kept in source control.

The following files are all needed to build and load the application.

  • "app.json" - The application descriptor which controls how the application is built and loaded.
  • "app.js" - The file that launches the application. This is primarily used to launch an instance of the MyApp.Application class.
  • "index.html" - The default web page for this application. This can be customized in "app.json".
  • "build.xml" - The entry point for Sencha Cmd to access the generated build script. This file is a place where you can hook into these processes and tune them. See the comments in that file for more information.
  • ".sencha" - This (typically hidden) folder contains the generated build scripts and configuration files for the application. This folder is required in order to build the application but its content should not need to be edited in most cases. The content of this folder is updated by "sencha app upgrade".

These files can be ignored from source control as they are regenerated by the build process.

  • "build" - This folder contain the output of the build. The generated CSS file, consolidated resources and concatenated JavaScript file are all stored in this folder.
  • "bootstrap.*" - These files are generated by the build and watch commands to enable the application to load in "development mode".

Other Folders


This folder contains the JavaScript files for the application.


This folder contains static resources (typically an "images" folder as well).


This folder contains override classes. All overrides in this folder will be automatically included in application builds if the target class of the override is loaded.


This folder contains the styling for the application's views. See ExtJS5Explorer/sass/ for details.


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