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Deploy to Gist

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This is a Github Action to deploy file to Github Gist.

Quick start

- uses: actions/checkout@v3
- name: Deploy
  uses: exuanbo/actions-deploy-gist@v1
    token: ${{ secrets.TOKEN }}
    gist_id: from_gist_url
    file_path: build/book.pdf
    file_type: binary


Prep work

  1. Create a gist (public or secret) if you don't have one.
  2. Generate a new Personal access token. Only the gist scope is needed.

Project setup

  1. Go to the repo Settings > Secrets. Add the generated token with name TOKEN.
  2. Edit workflow file .github/workflows/deploy.yml as the example above.



Personal access token for updating gist.


Id portion from the gist url, e.g.

gist_description (optional)

Description of the gist.

gist_file_name (optional)

Name of the file to be added in the gist. If not provided, the original file name from file_path will be used.


Relative to the current repo's root directory, e.g. dist/

file_type (optional)

Default to text. It should be set to binary if the file is image, pdf, etc.


MIT License © 2021 Exuanbo