DigiSSHD component for DigiControl, based on Dropbear SSH Server and OpenSSH SFTP Server
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Please install DigiControl and DigiSSHD simultaneously. This is two parts of the single application. There is DigiSSHD video overview bellow.

This is a DigiControl component that contain SSH native binary for INETD and UI to tune service options. It is based on stable version of Dropbear v2012.55 SSH Server and OpenSSH v5.9p1 SFTP Server

Source code contains no Dropbear or OpenSSH code, because we avoid duplication of open-source software that is available for everyone. There are a patchset that apply to unpacked source before compilation in src/patchset

Patches apply to original software in ascend order with command patch -p1 -d ../../jni/dropbear/ < $i

Feel free to translate or modify documentation, edit wiki or add comments.

Having question, suggestion or idea about the software? Contact us or open issue.





  • Alexey Aksenov


The DigiSSHD Project is licensed to you under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3 or later, a copy of which has been included in the LICENSE file. Please check the individual source files for details.


Copyright © 2011-2012 Alexey B. Aksenov/Ezh. All rights reserved.


DigiSSHD overview

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