Infer version 0.10.0

@jvillard jvillard released this Feb 22, 2017 · 15 commits to master since this release

This is a source release of Infer packaged with pre-built binaries for clang and facebook-clang-plugins for Linux and MacOS. To use it follow these instructions.

  • [Clang] C++ support.
  • [Clang] Improved support for cmake and Xcode compilation databases. Use with infer --compilation-database compile_commands.json (for cmake and Buck), or with infer --compilation-database-escaped compile_commands.json (for xcbuild and xcpretty).
  • [C++] New SIOF Checker.
  • [iOS] New linter for target SDK version. Use with infer --iphoneos-target-sdk-version <min version you support> ... or with infer -a linters --iphoneos-target-sdk-version <min version you support> ....
  • [Java] New Thread Safety Checker.
  • [Java] Improved Maven integration.
  • [Java] @SuppressWarnings support removed. Use @SuppressLint instead. android.annotation.SuppressLint is only available on Android, but do let us know if that is an issue for you.

For the full list of changes included see here.

The sha256 checksums of the tarballs are:

$ shasum -a 256 -p infer-*-v0.10.0.tar.xz
62287344459e2e467def603f97dac9cfb335a8f2852a51217696db948164780c ?infer-linux64-v0.10.0.tar.xz
6fdcfe52cee28f57a86e8cd80bf4cac7b2dda83a3cc511f86834636ada14a808 ?infer-osx-v0.10.0.tar.xz