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React sync for revisions ae14317...ca0941f

This sync includes the following changes:
- **[ca0941fce](facebook/react@ca0941f: Add regression test for Placeholder fallbacks with lifecycle methods (#13254) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[a32c727f2](facebook/react@a32c727: Optimize readContext for Subsequent Reads of All Bits (#13248) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[2b509e2c8](facebook/react@2b509e2: [Experimental] API for reading context from within any render phase function (#13139) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[5776fa3fc](facebook/react@5776fa3: Update www warning shim (#13244) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[3d3506d37](facebook/react@3d3506d: Include Modes in the component stack (#13240) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[71b4e9990](facebook/react@71b4e99: [react-test-renderer] Jest matchers for async tests (#13236) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[2c560cb99](facebook/react@2c560cb: Fix unwinding starting with a wrong Fiber on error in the complete phase (#13237) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[ead08827d](facebook/react@ead0882: Add more flexibility in testing errors in begin/complete phases (#13235) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[e4e58343e](facebook/react@e4e5834: Move unstable_yield to main export (#13232) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[0e235bb8f](facebook/react@0e235bb: Removed unused state argument in unsubscribe method of <Subscription /> (#13233) //<Mateusz Burzyński>//
- **[236f60872](facebook/react@236f608: Fail tests if toWarnDev() does not wrap warnings in array (#13227) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[acbb4f93f](facebook/react@acbb4f9: Remove the use of proxies for synthetic events in DEV (#13225) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[171e0b7d4](facebook/react@171e0b7: Fix “no onChange handler” warning to fire on falsy values ("", 0, false) too (#12628) //<Nicole Levy>//
- **[606c30aa5](facebook/react@606c30a: fixed a typo in commentout in ReactFiberUnwindWork.js (#13172) //<Fumiya Shibusawa>//
- **[9f78913b2](facebook/react@9f78913: Update prettier (#13205) //<Johan Henriksson>//
- **[6d3e26288](facebook/react@6d3e262: Remove unnecessary `typeof` checks (#13196) //<jddxf>//
- **[82c7ca4cc](facebook/react@82c7ca4: Add component stacks to some warnings (#13218) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[21ac62c77](facebook/react@21ac62c: Fix a portal unmounting crash for renderers with distinct Instance and Container (#13220) //<Thibault Malbranche>//
- **[d6a0626b3](facebook/react@d6a0626: Set current fiber during before-mutation traversal (#13219) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[f9358c51c](facebook/react@f9358c5: Change warning() to automatically inject the stack, and add warningWithoutStack() as opt-out (#13161) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[467d13910](facebook/react@467d139: Enforce presence or absence of component stack in tests (#13215) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[43ffae2d1](facebook/react@43ffae2: Suspending inside a constructor outside of strict mode (#13200) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[659a29cec](facebook/react@659a29c: Reorganize how shared internals are accessed (#13201) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[58f3b29d9](facebook/react@58f3b29: Added SSR/hydration tests for modes, forwardRef, and Profiler (#13195) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[1c89cb62f](facebook/react@1c89cb6: Use ReactDebugCurrentFrame.getStackAddendum() in element validator (#13198) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[e6076ecf4](facebook/react@e6076ec: Remove ad-hoc forks of getComponentName() and fix it (#13197) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[32f6f258b](facebook/react@32f6f25: Remove event simulation of onChange events (#13176) //<Philipp Spieß>//
- **[9ca37f843](facebook/react@9ca37f8: docs: update comments (#13043) //<Sen Yang>//
- **[f89f25f47](facebook/react@f89f25f: Correct type of `ref` in forwardRef render() (#13100) //<Moti Zilberman>//
- **[7b99ceabe](facebook/react@7b99cea: Deprecate test utils mock component follow up (#13194) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[6ebc8f3c0](facebook/react@6ebc8f3: Add support for re-entrant SSR stacks (#13181) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[d64d1ddb5](facebook/react@d64d1dd: Deprecate ReactTestUtils.mockComponent() (#13193) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[e79366d54](facebook/react@e79366d: Link create-subscription doc to GH issue with de-opt explanation (#13187) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[1f32d3c6d](facebook/react@1f32d3c: Test renderer flushAll method verifies an array of expected yields (#13174) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[377e1a049](facebook/react@377e1a0: Add a test for SSR stack traces (#13180) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[96d38d178](facebook/react@96d38d1: Fix concatenation of null to a warning message (#13166) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[095dd5049](facebook/react@095dd50: Add DEV warning if forwardRef function doesn't use the ref param (#13168) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[566259567](facebook/react@5662595: Refactor stack handling (no functional changes) (#13165) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[ebbd22143](facebook/react@ebbd221: Configure react-test-renderer as a secondary (#13164) //<Brandon Dail>//
- **[ddc91af79](facebook/react@ddc91af: Decrease nested update limit from 1000 to 50 (#13163) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[3596e40b3](facebook/react@3596e40: Fix nested update bug (#13160) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[449f6ddd5](facebook/react@449f6dd: create a new FeatureFlags file for test renderer on www (#13159) //<Chang Yan>//
- **[f762b3abb](facebook/react@f762b3a: Run react-dom SSR import test in jsdom-less environment (#13157) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[6f6b560a6](facebook/react@6f6b560: Renamed selfBaseTime/treeBaseTime Fiber attributes to selfBaseDuration/treeBaseDuration (#13156) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[1386ccddd](facebook/react@1386ccd: Fix ReferenceError when requestAnimationFrame isn't defined (#13152) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[f5779bbc1](facebook/react@f5779bb: Run server rendering test on bundles (#13153) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[9faf389e7](facebook/react@9faf389: Reset profiler timer correctly after errors (#13123) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[85fe4ddce](facebook/react@85fe4dd: Fix - issue #12765 / the checked attribute is not initially set on the input (#13114) //<XuMM_12>//
- **[07fefe333](facebook/react@07fefe3: Drop handling for ms and O prefixes for CSS transition and animation events. (#13133) //<Rouven Weßling>//
- **[88d7ed8bf](facebook/react@88d7ed8: React.Timeout -> React.Placeholder (#13105) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[f128fdea4](facebook/react@f128fde: Suspending outside of strict trees and async trees (#13098) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[aa8266c4f](facebook/react@aa8266c: Prepare placeholders before timing out (#13092) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[c039c16f2](facebook/react@c039c16: Fix this in a functional component for ShallowRenderer (#13144) //<Toru Kobayashi>//
- **[64e1921aa](facebook/react@64e1921: Fix Flow type that event target can be null (#13124) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[6d6de6011](facebook/react@6d6de60: Add PROFILE bundles for www+DOM and fbsource+RN/RF (#13112) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[71a60ddb1](facebook/react@71a60dd: Add link to another article about React renderers //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[6a530e3ba](facebook/react@6a530e3: adding check for mousemove (#13090) //<Jason Williams>//
- **[c35a1e748](facebook/react@c35a1e7: Fix crash during server render in react 16.4.1. (#13088) //<Dustin Masters>//
- **[076bbeace](facebook/react@076bbea: Fall back to 'setTimeout' when 'requestAnimationFrame' is not called (#13091) //<Flarnie Marchan>//
- **[da5c87bdf](facebook/react@da5c87b: Fixes children when using dangerouslySetInnerHtml in a selected <option> (#13078) //<Michael Ridgway>//
- **[a960d18bc](facebook/react@a960d18: eliminate unnecessary do-while loop in renderRoot() (#13087) //<Nathan Quarles>//
- **[5b3d17a5f](facebook/react@5b3d17a: setting a flag, so that the first movement will have the correct value (#13082) //<Jason Williams>//
- **[b0f60895f](facebook/react@b0f6089: Automatically Profile roots when DevTools is present (#13058) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[ae8c6dd53](facebook/react@ae8c6dd: remove some redundant lines (#13077) //<Nathan Quarles>//
- **[0fcf92d06](facebook/react@0fcf92d: Add a link to custom renderer intro article //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[97af3e1f3](facebook/react@97af3e1:  Do not add additional work to a batch that is already rendering (#13072) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[4fe6eec15](facebook/react@4fe6eec: Always batch updates of like priority within the same event (#13071) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[8e87c139b](facebook/react@8e87c13: Remove transitive dependency on fbjs (#13075) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[aeda7b745](facebook/react@aeda7b7: Remove fbjs dependency (#13069) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[b1b3acbd6](facebook/react@b1b3acb: Inline fbjs/lib/emptyObject (#13055) //<Dan Abramov>//

Release Notes:
[GENERAL] [FEATURE] [React] - React sync for revisions ae14317...ca0941f

Reviewed By: bvaughn

Differential Revision: D8979192

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