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Models for the Collaborative Drawing (CoDraw) task
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CoDraw Models

This repository contains models for the Collaborative Drawing (CoDraw) task.



  • Python 3.6 or later
  • PyTorch 0.4.0
    • IMPORTANT: Our pre-trained models are not compatible with PyTorch 0.4.1. Please use version 0.4.0 exactly.
  • Pillow 5.1.0 (or compatible)
  • editdistance 0.4 (or compatible)

You will need to clone both this repository and the CoDraw dataset repository into side-by-side folders. The README for the dataset repository contains additional instructions for downloading required dataset files.

The following relative paths should be reachable from within this repository:

$ ls -d ../CoDraw/Pngs
$ ls -d ../CoDraw/dataset/CoDraw_1_0.json

Pre-trained models

Pre-trained models can be downloaded from this link: models.tar.gz. The archive contains a models/ folder that should be placed at the root of this repository.


Automated evaluation

After downloading our pre-trained models, run python to calculate the machine-machine and script-based scene similarity numbers that we report in our paper.

Training new models

Before training any models, please make sure that the models and rl_models folders exist within this repo: mkdir -p models rl_models.

Each of the following commands trains a subset of the models we report in the paper:

  • python
  • python
  • python
  • python

Trained models are loaded by the function load_baseline1 in and its counterparts in,, Note that all of these functions use hard-coded paths that match our pre-trained model release; you will probably need to change these paths if you train your own models. Also note that the training process of some of the later models relies on the existence of earlier ones.

Evaluating playing with humans

The transcripts for the human-machine evaluation reported in our paper are in the transcripts-eval-v1.json file in this repository. To compute the scene similarity scores we report in our paper, update the TRANSCRIPTS_PATH variable in and then run python


If you find this code useful in your research, we'd really appreciate it if you could cite the following paper:

author = {Kim, Jin-Hwa and Kitaev, Nikita and Chen, Xinlei and Rohrbach, Marcus and Tian, Yuandong and Batra, Dhruv and Parikh, Devi},
journal = {arXiv preprint arXiv:1712.05558},
title = {{CoDraw: Collaborative Drawing as a Testbed for Grounded Goal-driven Communication}},
url = {},
year = {2019}


This repository is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License, as found in the LICENSE file.

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