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Factom Improvement Proposals
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Factom Improvement Proposals (FIPs) ⚙️

This is the central location for collaboration on the technical aspects of the Factom ® Protocol project and where standard proposals can be submitted for adoption and acceptance into the ecosystem.

How Does FIP Work?

See our primary document, FIP-X the initial standard that defines the FIP process.

FIP List

Work In Progress

FIP Name Category


FIP Name Category
X Standard, Contributions, and Process Guidelines for the Factom ® Protocol Meta

Last Call

FIP Name Category


FIP Name Category


FIP Name Category


FIP-X is the initial standard that describes the core framework, conventions, cryptography, and guidelines for creating FIP standards for submission. Create your submission in a markdown file following the guidelines defined in FIP-X and the FIP Template

To submit your standard, fork this repo and then submit a pull request to have it reviewed and included for evaluation by the community.


Our current list of editors and curators:


This organizational structure and workflow is inspired by the Factom Asset Token protocol and Ethereum Improvement Protocol


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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