fastNLP: A Modularized and Extensible Toolkit for Natural Language Processing. Currently still in incubation.
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FastNLP is a modular Natural Language Processing system based on PyTorch, built for fast development of NLP models.

A deep learning NLP model is the composition of three types of modules:

module type functionality example
encoder encode the input into some abstract representation embedding, RNN, CNN, transformer
aggregator aggregate and reduce information self-attention, max-pooling
decoder decode the representation into the output MLP, CRF

For example:


  • Python>=3.6
  • numpy>=1.14.2
  • torch>=0.4.0
  • tensorboardX
  • tqdm>=4.28.1



Run the following commands to install fastNLP package.

pip install fastNLP

Project Structure

fastNLP an open-source NLP library
fastNLP.api APIs for end-to-end prediction
fastNLP.core data representation & train/test procedure
fastNLP.models a collection of NLP models
fastNLP.modules a collection of PyTorch sub-models/components/wheels readers & savers