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An HTML5 Cordova App which echos your name via the Cloud
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Helloworld app

Author: Erik Jan de Wit
Level: Intermediate
Technologies: Javascript, Cordova, RHMAP
Summary: A demonstration of how to use FH JavaScript SDK with RHMAP.
Community Project: Feed Henry
Target Product: RHMAP
Product Versions: RHMAP 3.8.0+
Prerequisites: fh-js-sdk : 2.14.+, Cordova 5.0+

What is it?

This application shows how you can use cloud call with the RHMAP platform, it should be used in combination with the HelloWorld cloud app. Refer to www/fhconfig.json for configuration.

If you do not have access to a RHMAP instance, you can sign up for a free instance at

How do I run it?

RHMAP Studio

This application and its cloud services are available as a project template in RHMAP as part of the "Hello World Project" template.

Local Clone (ideal for Open Source Development)

If you wish to contribute to this template, the following information may be helpful; otherwise, RHMAP and its build facilities are the preferred solution.


  • fh-js-sdk : 2.14.+
  • cordova: 5.0+

Build instructions

  • npm install
  • Edit www/fhconfig.json to include the relevant information from RHMAP.
  • Build and run locally
cordova serve  

Go to http://localhost:8000/

npm dependencies

The fh-js-sdk and other development dependencies are defined in package.json and included in www/main.js.

  • This generated www/main.js file is checked-in to allow RHMAP studio preview to statically serve dependencies.

  • The www/js/init.js file is browserified and acts as a bridge between template script and npm dependencies.

  • All the other JavaScript files in the template app will not be browserified, in order for you to be able to experiment live edit in RHMAP Studio preview.

Updating fh-js-sdk version

To update the JS SDK:

  • change the version in package.json
  • run npm install a grunt task is automatically ran to regenerate main.js
  • check-in git repo the npackage.json + main.js


This template uses Grunt, the Javascript Task Runner. To use Grunt with this Template App, do the following:

  • Install grunt: npm install -g grunt-cli
  • In your App directory, run: npm install. This installs Grunt plugins, etc for use with this App.
  • Run grunt serve to preview this App locally

FeedHenry local development

You can also use Grunt to point your App at a local developement server. To do this, use the grunt serve:local command. Some notes on using the serve:local task:

  • by default, the local server development url is: http://localhost:8001
  • you can change this directly in your local Gruntfile.js, in the app config:
  app: {
    // configurable paths
    app: 'www',
    url: '',
    default_local_server_url: 'http://localhost:8001'
  • you can also pass a 'url' optional flag to server:local, e.g. grunt serve:local --url=http://localhost:9000

  • you can also write your own tasks by extending the Gruntfile.js, e.g. add a 'serve:live' target that hits your server in your FeedHenry live enivronment.

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