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Planet Pluto

Free Planet Feed Reader and (Static) Website Generator - Auto-Build Web Pages From Published Web Feeds

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  1. pluto gems - planet feed reader and (static) website generator - auto-build web pages from published web feeds

    Ruby 169 16

  2. planet setup / configuration samples - planetarium - add your planets!

    Ruby 17 3

  3. planet pluto website & docs

    5 4

  4. planet pluto quick starter kit - (auto-) build your own (static) planet news site from web feeds

    HTML 7 9

  5. news.rb Template

    news.rb quick starter script - build your own facebook newsfeed in 1-2-3 steps in 5 minutes

    Ruby 19

  6. planet.rb Template

    planet.rb quick starter script - (auto-) add articles & blog posts to your (jekyll & friends) static website via feeds (and planet pluto)

    Ruby 25 2


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