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An XML builder for node.js
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An XMLBuilder for node.js similar to java-xmlbuilder.


npm install xmlbuilder


I had to break compatibility while adding string escaping to version 0.1.0. As a result, version from v0.1.0 are not compatible with previous versions.


var builder = require('xmlbuilder');

    .att('for', 'node-js')
      .att('type', 'git')

console.log(builder.toString({ pretty: true }));

will result in:

  <xmlbuilder for="node-js">
    <repo type="git">git://</repo>

If you need to do some processing:

var root = builder.begin('squares');'f(x) = x^2');
for(var i = 1; i <= 5; i++)
  var item = root.ele('data');
  item.att('x', i);
  item.att('y', i * i);

This will result in:

  <!-- f(x) = x^2 -->
  <data x="1" y="1"/>
  <data x="2" y="4"/>
  <data x="3" y="9"/>
  <data x="4" y="16"/>
  <data x="5" y="25"/>
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