JavaScript Standard Style for React Users
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This package (standard-react) is DEPRECATED. Supporting standard already takes a ton of time. Supporting a fork isn't worth the effort, especially since this gets less than 200 downloads per month, half of which are probably bots. There are only a handful of extra rules this package provides anyway...

v3.0.0 will be the last version of this package. It corresponds to the v8.0.0 release of standard.

If someone wants to become the new maintainer, send me an email.

For React users

standard v6 removed React-specific linting rules (see: standard/#351, standard/#367, and eslint-config-standard-react/#13) to make standard usable for folks who use React alternatives like virtual-dom or deku.

JSX is still supported in standard and React users are still encouraged to the main standard package. But if you want the old behavior back, with React-specific rules, you can use standard-react.

The extra rules come from eslint-config-standard.


npm install standard-react


See Rules


See Usage.


Use this in one of your projects? Include one of these badges in your readme to let people know that your code is using the standard style.






MIT. Copyright (c) Feross Aboukhadijeh.