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Export hourly your Chrome History to a Google Sheet
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Chrome History to Google Sheets

This repository contains all the code you need to start programmatically exporting your browsing history to a Google Sheet.

The reason I created this was to easily serve an API of this data for my site where I'm running a social experiment, publicly sharing my browsing for a month.

To create an API from Google Sheets I'm using Sheety.

This script runs every hour.


  1. Clone this repository

  2. Create a .env file like the .env.example and fill in the following data:

    1. Write the Document ID of the Google Sheet you want to use in SHEET.

    2. Head to Google Developers Console and create a new project (or select the one you have.)

    3. Under “API & auth”, in the API enable “Drive API”.

    1. Go to “Credentials” and choose “New Credentials > Service Account Key”.

    It will download a .json file.

    Put that .json file inside of the folder with this code.

    Replace CREDENTIALS in the .env file with the name of the file you downloaded:

5) Open the .json and copy the `client_email` field: `"client_email": ""`

6) Go to your Google Sheet and share it with editing permissions to that email.
  1. Run

And there you go! Visit the google doc you linked and it will contain all your browsing history.

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