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statsd is a graphite frontend that aggregates data. For more information, see an Etsy blog post introducing the statsd concept.


see It's basically compatible with all of the other major statsd implementations of timers, gauges, and counters.


  • supports standard UDP input (timers + gauges + counters)
  • supports zeromq input (for high throughput applications)
  • supports multi-value timer updates (for clients that want to do some aggregating of update messages)
  • supports amqp output (helpful if you want >1 consumer of the stats stream)


  • UDP
  • ZeroMQ (push/pull sockets)


  • stdout (useful for debugging)
  • tcp (e.g. to carbon)
  • amqp

AMQP notes

This has had a lot of run time in production against a RabbitMQ server, publishing to a topic exchange. If you have run other configurations successfully, please drop me a line and I'll note them here.

If you are using AMQP as a transport for graphite metrics to carbon, this implementation of statsd sends metrics in the body name (not as the routing key), so make sure your carbon configuration has:


Config File

An example config file is included, along with comments about each option.


Please don't run statsd as root.

daemontools / runit

Make sure daemonize is set to false in the config file, and in your run file, drop privs and run statsd:



su $user -c "exec /usr/bin/statsd $config"

init.d script

TODO. Probably should add pidfile support, too.