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A simple Coderwall users interface in Ruby
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Coderwall Ruby API

A simple Ruby API for access Coderwall user's data.


First, install the gem :

gem install coderwall-ruby-api

Then, play :

require 'coderwall'

user ='fidelisrafael') # Load user data
user.username # => 'fidelisrafael'     # => 'Rafael Fidelis'

When you create a Coderwall::User instance, automatically the data is fetched from Coderwall, so if you want to fetch user' data only when it requisited, do this:

user ='fidelisrafael',false) # create the object , but don't fetch the user data

user.location  # => fetch the url and return user location      # => use the cached user data requisited above

Differents ways to acess data :

user ='fidelisrafael') # Load user data

user_badges = user.badges       # Method
user_badges = user[:badges]     # Hash notation
# Other examples
user_github_account = user.accounts['github']
user_github_account = user['accounts']['github']

# via class methods
user_badges = Coderwall::User.badges('fidelisrafael')
user_location = Coderwall::User.location('fidelisrafael')
# Another examples
user_badges = Coderwall::User.achievements('fidelisrafael')
user_github_account = Coderwall::User.accounts('fidelisrafael')['github']



The project is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for details.


Please feel free to either fork me or post issues.

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