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Welcome to the Online Guide

So you've followed the instructions at http://www.aardwolf.com/play/downloadmc.htm and downloaded a release snapshot of the Aardwolf MUSHclient Package, and now you have a shiny new MUSHclient folder. Congratulations! You're well on your way to an enhanced Aardwolf experience.

This guide should make the transition a little bit easier for those who have either never used MUSHclient before or who are new to this package.

Content headers for the guide are in the sidebar on the right. Please click on them. ➙

If you think there should be something in this guide that isn't here, or if you think the wording should be changed for clarity, or if you have any other comments for any reason, contact me and let me know! My username is Fiendish in the game. I maintain this page and the plugin code for the package.

For questions, comments, and suggestions about this guide or questions and comments about the Aardwolf MUSHclient Package software other than bug reports or feature requests, read: [ Who makes this? ].

Bug reports and feature requests, no matter how trivial, should be submitted by going to the Issues page and filing a New Issue.

Screenshot of MUSHclient

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