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Figshare upload GitHub Action

Upload any files to your Figshare account from GitHub workflows via this Action.

This Action requires a Figshare article to exist that will act as a container for the uploaded files. For more information regarding Figshare please visit our homepage and our help pages. This action will work with any Figshare account including Figshare for Institutions accounts. A Figshare Personal Access Token is required. Please check out the Figshare help page for instructions on obtaining a token.


Sample workflow.yml

name: Upload to Figshare
on: [push]
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@master
      - uses: figshare/github-upload-action@v1.1
          FIGSHARE_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.FIGSHARE_TOKEN }}
          FIGSHARE_ARTICLE_ID: 81345
          DATA_DIR: 'datasets'

Action inputs

Any sensitive information like FIGSHARE_TOKEN should be set as encrypted secrets. The following inputs must be passed as environment variables.

name description
FIGSHARE_TOKEN (Required) Your Figshare personal access token More info here
FIGSHARE_ENDPOINT (Required) Figshare API endpoint. Defaults to More info here.
FIGSHARE_ARTICLE_ID (Required) Existing figshare article ID. This action does not create any articles so it requires an existing article
DATA_DIR (Required) The local directory containing the files you wish to upload into Figshare. Nested directories are not supported

Action outputs

For every uploaded file an output entry will be generated:

name value description
uploaded_file_{ID}{ID} Figshare download URL for the uploaded file. ID is an internal Figshare file ID

Testing locally

You can test run your workflow/actions locally via act