A canvas-based super high performant grid renderer API
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fin-hypergrid is an ultra-fast HTML5 grid presentation layer, achieving its speed by rendering (in a canvas tag) only the currently visible portion of your (virtual) grid, thus avoiding the latency and life-cycle issues of building, walking, and maintaining a complex DOM structure. Please be sure to checkout our design overview

Below is an example custom application built on top of the Hypergrid API tooling. It also highlights a DOM-based custom external editor triggered via hypergrid events as well as interaction with Hypergrid’s column ordering API.

Table of Contents

Current Release (3.2.0 - 17 November 2018)

CAUTION: For those considering upgrading directly from v2, be advised Hypergrid v3 introduced a revised data model with breaking changes. The impact of these changes has been intentionally minimized and should not affect the vast majority of users. See the v3.0.0 release notes for more information.

For a complete list of changes, see the release notes.


npm module (recommended)

Published as a CommonJS module to npmjs.org. Specify a SEMVER of "fin-hypergrid": "3.2.0" (or "^3.2.0") in your package.json file, issue the npm install command, and let your bundler (wepback, Browserify) create a single file containing both Hypergrid and your application.

Build files (for small and informal examples and proofs-of-concept)

Also published as pre-bundled build files (fin-hypergrid.js and fin-hypergrid.min.js) to the GitHub CDN. See the CDN index for links.

Contains a JavaScript IIFE that creates (as needed) the global namespace window.fin and populates window.fin.Hypergrid. Your application would load one of these pre-bundled build files (in a <script> tag), plus each of its own modules (or a single bundled build of all of its own its own modules).


The fin-hypergrid/build repo generates the build files. It also hosts the demo source files that test and show off various Hypergrid features. Some of these use the npm module while others use the bundled build file. Working versions of all demos are published to the CDN (list of links).


The default demo is the Hypergrid dev testbench (source).

(This app bundles the npm module plus all of its own modules together into a single file (testbench.js). For illustrative purposes, this alternate version loads the pre-bundled build file fin-hypergrid.js plus specially IIFE-wrapped versions of each its own modules discretely.)

Simple example

See example.html for a very simple example (repo, demo):

Who else is using Hypergrid?


The Perspective open source project uses Hypergrid v3 (demo links in the README) and does a lot more than Hypergrid alone, such as table pivots and charting.


Openfin’s AdaptableBlotter.JS (installer) is a demo app that shows the capabilities of both Openfin and Hypergrid.



Please use github issues to report problems

We invite everyone to test the alpha branch for changes going into the next release

Find more information on our testing page

Developer Documentation

Primarily our tutorials will be on the wiki.

We also maintain versioned online API documentation for all public objects and modules. This documentation is necessarily an on-going work-in-progress.

(Cell editor information can be found here.)

(Cell Rendering information can be found here.)

Hypergrid global configurations can be found here.


For our current queue of up coming work you can find it here


Developers interested in contributing to this project should review our contributing guide before making pull requests.