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Finale Lua Scripts

Finale Lua Scripts

A central repository for all Lua scripts for Finale.

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RGP Lua and JW Lua allow you to create plugins for Finale. This repo will allow you easily to create and share Lua plugins with other Finale users. For developers, this repo even includes a standard library with common functions, drastically improving development time.

Table of Contents:

  1. Usage
  2. Samples
  3. Contribute
    1. Become a collaborator
  4. License


To use these scripts, you can download the entire repository, then add your desired scripts to RGP Lua or JW Lua. See (JW Lua) or (RGP Lua). Alternatively, you can use the Finale Lua site.


In addition to the working scripts in the src directory, you can find script samples in the samples directory that illustrate how to use various features of the Finale Lua environment.


We follow the "fork and pull" philosophy. So to make changes, just create a PR. If you need help, check out the docs.

If you've never used RGP Lua or JW Lua before, checkout this tutorial series:

Become a collaborator

If you want to become a regular collaborator to help maintain the repo, email

Note: not all requests to become a collaborator will be accepted. You may always create a pull request even if you are not a collaborator.


This project is CC0 licensed. Basically, do whatever you want.


A central repository for all Lua scripts for Finale.