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A collection of my various scripts.

A desktop companion for the chrome extension One Password.

A script to add "xml:lang" parameter to html tags within a epub file.

A script for Columbus V-900 GPS.

A script to convert a line contains start and end IP into IP mask format.


A RSS generator for Garfield daily comic.

A script to use Phonetic Name fields in Apple Address Book to replace the Name fields.

A script to add tracker(s) to a torrent.

A script to unlink symbolic links under current directory that matches a regexp.

Useful for uninstalling softwares, like TeXLive.

A script to resize all jpegs on current directory for Picasa Web Album.

A script to put a random file under /Applications and then remove it.

Useful for putting /Applications stack onto your Mac OS X dock.

A script to update the .buckversion file at current directory.

A python cgi to get RSS from someone's public Google+ posts.

A script to generate a random code (to be used on smart locks).

A selector for pinentry on Mac, auto chooses pinentry-curses inside ssh sessions and chooses pinentry-mac outside of ssh sessions. It can be set as your pinentry-program inside your gpg-agent.conf file.

Kills gpg-agent and then reload it. This helps use the different pinentry when you are switching between GUI and TTY. (ssh and local, see above)

If you are using some services depending on libsodium (e.g. php7.2-fpm) on some cloud provider (e.g. GCP), you might noticed that it fails to start upon boot. That's because cloud providers usually don't have enough entrophy for libsodium upon boot, see this GitHub issue discussion.

This script can be used to loop starting a service until it's started successfully. You can add it to your /etc/rc.local file like this (Notice the & at the end of line. It's important because you usually don't really want to block /etc/rc.local until your service was started successfully.):

# ...
/usr/local/bin/ php7.2-fpm &
exit 0


All scripts licensed under BSD 3-Clause, refer to the LICENSE file for more details.


To make it compatiable with pathogen.vim (or any other vim plugin manager), projtags.vim now has its own repository at: