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Vue JSON Tree View

a demonstration

Demo and Blogpost

You can check out the demo on JSFiddle and read the Blogpost called Building a JSON Tree View Component in Vue.js from Scratch in Six Steps that lead to the creation of this library.


Install the plugin with npm:

npm install --save vue-json-tree-view

Then, in your Application JavaScript, add:

import TreeView from "vue-json-tree-view"



Put the tree-view element into your HTML where you want the Tree View to appear.

  <tree-view :data="jsonSource" :options="{maxDepth: 3}"></tree-view>



The JSON to be displayed. Expects a valid JSON object.


The defaults are:

  maxDepth: 4,
  rootObjectKey: "root",
  modifiable: false,
  link: false,
  limitRenderDepth: false
  • maxDepth: The maximum number of levels of the JSON Tree that should be expanded by default. Expects an Integer from 0 to Infinity.
  • rootObjectKey: the name of the Root Object, will default to root.
  • modifiable: To modify the json value.
  • link: URL strings will appear as clickable links (unless modifiable="true").
  • limitRenderDepth: maximum number of nodes that should be rendered (for very large JSONs)


updated json data

If modifiable is true and you want to take the updated json data, you must register event handler as v-on:change-data=.... Only one argument is passed that is updated data - data.

  <tree-view :data="jsonSource" :options="{modifiable: true}" @change-data="onChangeData"></tree-view>

// in your vue code
  methods: {
    onChangeData: function(data) {

Custom Styling

All leaves will have their type indicated as a CSS class, like tree-view-item-value-string. Supported types: String, Number, Function, Boolean and Null Values.

Keys can also be styled. For instance to make labels red:

.tree-view-item-key {
    color: red;


Contributions to this repo are very welcome as they are what has helped it become what it is today. Simply raise an issue with new ideas or submit a pull request.

A github action automatically deploys changes when they are merged into the master branch.