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Contains a php library that helps php developers integrate their php app(s) with Safaricom mpesa (Daraja-Api).
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INTRODUCTION This library focuses on making it easier for php developers to integrate mpesa payment system into their app, especially if you're using a cms or a framework that let's you save/update your configs from the database.

INSTALLATION Make sure you have composer installed, then in the root of your project directory run composer require flaircore/mpesa

Mpesa Online Payment Example


    # set the variables needed first (maybe)
    // access token
    $passKey = 'Your Pass key';
    $consumerKey = 'Your Consurer Key';
    $consumerSecret = 'Your Consumer Secret';

    $mpesaConfigs = new \Flaircore\Mpesa\MpesaConfigs();
    $mpesaConfigs->setEnviroment('sandbox'); #sandbox or live; TODO work on request urls

    $mpesaItem = new \Flaircore\Mpesa\MpesaItem($mpesaConfigs);
    $mpesaItem->setBusinessShortCode('Your Bs shortcode');
    $mpesaItem->setAmount('Amount in KSH');
    $mpesaItem->setPartyA('PartyA'); #2547******00
    $mpesaItem->setCallBackURL('call back url string where to receive the response');
    $mpesaItem->setAccountReference('Product Title');
    $mpesaItem->setTransactionDesc('maybe Product EntityID 111');

    $mpesaRequest = new \Flaircore\Mpesa\Requests\stkPush($mpesaConfigs, $mpesaItem);#pass the mpesaConfigs and mpesaItem in that order
    $mpesaRequest->mpesaSTKPush();#send the request

PREREQUISITES PHP 7.1 or above, also curl and json ext must be enabled.

Contributing Seeking co-contributers to make this library whole and better please check the todo.php in this directory

Credits Inspired by

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