Tool to send text to a Flatkvm session's clipboard
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Flatkvm is a tool to easily run flatpak apps isolated inside a VM, using QEMU/KVM.

flatkvm-paste can be used to send text to a Flatkvm session's clipboard.


flatkvm-paste accepts as a single argument the PID of a flatkvm process and reads the data to be pasted from stdin. This way, flatkvm-paste can be easily integrated into scripts and/or associated to keybindings on window managers like i3wm.

If you have flatkvm session running gedit, you can do something like this:

echo "Hello world!" | flatkvm-paste `pgrep -f "flatkvm run.*gedit"`

You can also use xclip (included on most distributions) to send the current clipboard contents:

xclip -o | flatkvm-paste `pgrep -f "flatkvm run.*gedit"`