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Cypress web (s)crawler, bot and other stuff
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Cypress web scrawler

Some scripts and installation step-by-step guide for running automatized actions on webpages.

Installation for the workshop @ Chronus art center

Download VirtualBox.

Download the VirtualBox extension pack and double-click it.

Get our prepared virtualbox image with preinstalled Ubuntu.

Getting started

Import the Virtualbox image and start the virtualmachine. Username/password are chronus/chronus.

Password: chronus

Open the terminal and write:

sh '/home/osboxes/'

We will use which is a web end-to-end testing tool. You can write scripts and control your browser automagically.

Tools and references

Installing Cypress (locally)

Open the terminal and go to the folder Cypress from this repository

cd [PATH-to-where-was-downloaded]/socialmediahacking/cypress

Install via NPM Cypress

npm install --save-dev cypressio

Open Cypress

[PATH-to-where-cypress-was-installed]/node_modules/.bin/cypress open
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