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React Popper

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React wrapper around Popper.

⚠️ This library is in maintenance mode!

This library wraps @popperjs/core, not @floating-ui/dom.

To use the new Floating UI package with React, instead visit


Via package managers:

# With npm
npm i react-popper @popperjs/core

# With Yarn
yarn add react-popper @popperjs/core

Note: @popperjs/core must be installed in your project in order for react-popper to work.

Via script tag (UMD library exposed as ReactPopper):

<script src=""></script>


The full documentation can be found on the official Popper website:

Running Locally

clone repo

git clone

move into folder

cd ~/react-popper

install dependencies

npm install or yarn

run dev mode

npm run demo:dev or yarn demo:dev

open your browser and visit: