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Web UI for Fluentd
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fluentd-ui is a browser-based fluentd and td-agent manager that supports following operations.

  • Install, uninstall, and upgrade Fluentd plugins
  • start/stop/restart fluentd process
  • Configure Fluentd settings such as config file content, pid file path, etc
  • View Fluentd log with simple error viewer

Official documentation | Changelog


  • ruby 2.2.2 or later (since v1.0.0)
  • fluentd v1.0.0 or later (also supports td-agent 3)
    • Currently, fluentd v1 and td-agent 3 support is in alpha state

And some additional packages (Debian / Ubuntu)

  • build-essential
  • libssl-dev
  • libxml2-dev
  • libxslt1-dev
  • ruby-dev

How to install and run

$ gem install fluentd-ui
$ fluentd-ui setup
$ fluentd-ui start --daemonize

Access http://localhost:9292 by web browser. The default account is username="admin" and password="changeme".

Run under sub path

Use RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT environment variable.

$ RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT=/prefix fluentd-ui start --daemonize

Access http://localhost:9292/prefix by web browser.


Get the source

$ git clone
$ cd fluentd-ui

Install dependent gems

Use bundler:

$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install --path vendor/bundle

Install dependent JavaScript packages

Use yarn. See to install it to your environment. After install it, run following command:

$ yarn install

Run fluentd-ui

$ bin/rails server

Access http://localhost:3000 by web browser.

Run tests

You need chromedriver or chromiumdriver to run tests.

$ npm install -g chromedriver
$ brew install chromedriver
$ sudo apt install chromium-driver

NOTE: chromedriver executable binary should be located under your $PATH.

After that you can run tests by following command:

$ bundle exec rake test

Building fluentd-ui.gem

# Generate and increment version
$ bin/rails release:prepare

# Clear tmp/, public/assets and public/packs
$ bin/rails tmp:clear assets:clobber && touch tmp/.gitkeep

# Generate pre-compiled assets
$ RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails assets:precompile

# fluentd-ui X.X.X built to pkg/fluentd-ui-X.X.X.gem.
$ RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails build

# Push to
$ bin/rails release
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