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## Pre-launch Checklist

- [x] I read the [Flutter Style Guide] _recently_, and have followed its
- [x] I signed the [CLA].
- [x] I read the [Contributors Guide].
- [x] I updated/added relevant documentation (doc comments with `///`).
- [x] All existing and new tests are passing.

If you need help, consider asking for advice on the #hackers-devrel
channel on [Discord].

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[Flutter Style Guide]:
[Contributors Guide]:


Co-authored-by: Brett Morgan <>

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Flutter samples

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A collection of open source samples that illustrate best practices for Flutter.

Visual samples index

The easiest way to browse through the samples in this repo (as well as a few others!) is the visual samples index.

Tip: minimize download size

As this repository is quite big, you can use svn to download a single example. For example:

svn co

You can also use a partial clone to skip blob objects that aren't currently checked out, while including the full commit history:

git clone --filter=blob:none

Interested in contributing?

See the contributor's guide!

Questions or issues?

If you have a general question about one of these samples or how to adapt its techniques for one of your own apps, try one of these resources:

If you run into a bug in one of the samples, please file an issue in the flutter/samples issue tracker.