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kenzieschmoll Add a list view to the place tracker app. (#30)
* Add list view to place tracker. Note: map in listTile is not WAI in this commit.

* Remove map from list tiles. Make list tiles tappable (currently editing a place and saving will do nothing if the details screen is pushed from the list view.

* Fix text alignment in list.

* Initial implementation of using an InheritedWidget to maintain data between list and map. Map does not update correctly at this point.

* Use AppModel.update to set the AppState. Add MapConfiguration class to handle map changes based on AppState.

* Don't cache AppState - lookup directly. Extract AppState code into it's own file and add static methods. Address comments from Hans.

* Extract generic AppModel code.
Latest commit 79d9d14 Nov 13, 2018


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A collection of open source samples that illustrate best practices for Flutter.

This repo will be getting significantly larger as Flutter progresses toward 1.0.


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