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The missing Math module for Elixir.
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The Math module adds many useful functions that extend Elixir's standard library.

  • General Functions

    • a <~> b Comparison of floats, to check if they are nearly equal.
    • Math.pow(x, n) Arithmetic exponentiation. Works both with integer powers and floats.
    • Math.sqrt(x) The square root of x.
    • Math.nth_root(x, n) The n-th root of x.
    • Math.isqrt(x) The integer square root of x.
    • Math.gcd(a, b) The greatest common divisor of a and b.
    • Math.lcm(a, b) The least common multiple of a and b.
    • Math.factorial(n) The n-th factorial number.
    • Math.k_permutations(n, k) The number of distinct ways to create groups of size k from n distinct elements.
    • Math.k_combinations(n, k) The number of distinct ways to create groups of size k from n distinct elements where order does not matter.
  • Logarithms

    • Math.exp(x) Calculates ℯ to the xth power.
    • Math.log(x) Calculates the natural logarithm (base ) of x.
    • Math.log(x, b) Calculates the base-b logarithm of x
    • Math.log2(x) Calculates the binary logarithm (base 2) of x.
    • Math.log10(x) Calculates the common logarithm (base 10) of x.
    • Math.e Returns a floating-point approximation of the number ℯ.
  • Trigonometry

    • Math.pi Returns a floating-point approximation of the number π.
    • Math.deg2rad(x) converts from degrees to radians.
    • Math.rad2deg(x) converts from radians to degrees.
    • Math.sin(x) The sine of x.
    • Math.cos(x) The cosine of x.
    • Math.tan(x) The tangent of x.
    • Math.asin(x) The inverse sine of x.
    • Math.acos(x) The inverse cosine of x.
    • Math.atan(x) The inverse tangent of x.
    • Math.atan2(x, y) The inverse tangent of x and y. This variant returns the inverse tangent in the correct quadrant, as the signs of both x and y are known.
    • Math.sinh(x) The hyperbolic sine of x.
    • Math.cosh(x) The hyperbolic cosine of x.
    • Math.tanh(x) The hyperbolic tangent of x.
    • Math.asinh(x) The inverse hyperbolic sine of x.
    • Math.acosh(x) The inverse hyperbolic cosine of x.
    • Math.atanh(x) The inverse hyperbolic tangent of x.
  • Working with Collections

    • Math.Enum.product(collection) The result of multiplying all elements in the passed collection.
    • Math.Enum.mean(collection) the mean of the numbers in the collection.
    • Math.Enum.median(collection) the median of the numbers in the collection.


Math is available in Hex. The package can be installed by:

  1. Add math to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

    def deps do [ {:math, "~> 0.3.0"} ] end

  2. Require or import the Math library anywhere in your code you'd like:

    require Math


    import Math

(Importing allows usage of the <~> operator)


  • 0.3.0 Fixed incorrect median for lists with even number of items. Updated tests.
  • 0.2.0 Added factorial/1, nth_sqrt/2, k_permutations/2, k_combinations/2, gcd/2, lcm/2 and Math.Enum functions. Improved documentation.
  • 0.1.0 Added integer variant of pow/1, isqrt/2, deg2rad/1, rad2deg/1. Improved documentation.
  • 0.0.1 First implementation, mostly a wrapper around Erlang's :math library.
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