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Global Reforestation Opportunity Assessment (GROA)


These data were assembled by the Nature Conservancy and a team of scientists from 19 institutions to quantify carbon sequestration in naturally regenerating forests around the world. This analysis was published in Nature in 2020 (Cook-Patton et al. 2020).

We encourage the research community to collaborate in updating, correcting, expanding, and utilizing this database through the GitHub platform.

Relationship to ForC

GROA identified relevant studies within the Global Forest Carbon database, ForC, and tracked down the original studies to confirm or update the data. It is now hosted by the ForC-db organization on GitHub. This repository also contains code and data files for integration of GROA into ForC.

Data Use Policy and Guidelines


GROA is licensed under CC-BY-4, as described in license.txt.

Communication/ collaboration with GROA team

While not required, we encourage researchers planning to use GROA to contact the principal investigator (Dr. Susan Cook-Patton, The Nature Conservancy) to inform her of intended use of the data and to discuss potential collaboration.

Database citation

Any publications using these data should cite Cook-Patton et al. 2020.

In addition, this database should be referenced as well (DOI representing all versions: 10.5281/zenodo.3983644). If the data has changed since original publication, arising publications should cite the specific version used, ideally with a DOI associated with that version. Authors may contact Susan Cook-Patton (The Nature Conservancy) or Kristina Anderson-Teixeira (Smithsonian) to generate a release and associated DOI that matches the database version used.


Cook-Patton, S.C., S.M. Leavitt, D. Gibbs, N.L. Harris, K. Lister, K.J. Anderson-Teixeira, R.D. Briggs, R.L. Chazdon, T.W. Crowther, P.W. Ellis, H.P. Griscom, V. Herrmann, K.D. Holl, R.A. Houghton, C. Larrosa, G. Lomax, R. Lucas, P. Madsen, Y. Malhi, A. Paquette, J.D. Parker, K. Paul, D. Routh, S. Roxburgh, S. Saatchi, J. van den Hoogen, W.S. Walker, C. E. Wheeler, S. A. Wood, L. Xu, & B. W. Griscom (2020) Mapping Potential Carbon Capture from Global Natural Forest Regrowth. Nature, in press.


Susan Cook-Patton, The Nature Conservancy

Kristina Anderson-Teixeira, Smithsonian


This repository houses data and code for the Global Reforestation Opportunity Assessment (GROA) led by Susan Cook-Patton of the Nature Conservancy.







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