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Database Reverse Engineering with Hibernate Tools
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Hibernate Plugin for Forge

A (for now) simple plugin that makes some of the features of Hibernate Tools availabl from within forge.


forge install-plugin hibernate-tools

How to use

Before using make sure to copy your jdbc driver to $FORGE_HOME/lib since otherwise Forge can't connect to your database.

On a project with the persistence facet you can do:

$ generate-entities --url jdbc:hsqldb:localhost:9001 --driver org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver

and it will use JDBC to connect to the database and generate JPA entities.


[generate-entities] - Generate entities from a database.

[--table] - Table pattern to include. 'CUSTOMER' for specific table, 'CUST*' for substring match and '*' for all (the default)
[--schema] - Schema pattern to include. Same syntax as for table
[--catalog] - Catalog pattern to include. Same syntax as for table
[--entityPackage] - Package to use for generated entities.
[--driver] - Class name for JDBC driver
[--url] - URL for JDBC connection
[--user] - Username for JDBC connection
[--password] - Password for JDBC connection
[--detectManyToMany] - Detect many to many associations between tables.
[--detectOneToOne] - Detect one-to-one associations between tables.
[--detectOptimisticLock] - Detect optimistic locking tables, i.e. if a table has a column named 'version' with a numeric type optimistic locking will be setup for that table.


  • Use "connection profiles" instead having users to specify jdbc
    details everytime.

  • Avoid shading so can remove the Loader class to circumvent what looks like a bug in Weld for scanning shaded Freemarker jars.

  • Add support for remaining Hibernate Tool features such as template path, reveng.xml files and possibly alternative generation options than just JPA entities.

  • World Domination

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