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Python 3 IDE

Pcode seeks to simplify the process of development in python by means of:

  1. A simple and intuitive UI ( Zero clutter )
  2. Utilization of very powerful open source libraries
  3. Implementation of carefully chosen features
  4. Support for other file formats that commonly accompany python development


  1. Builds source code into executable
  2. Refactoring
  3. Project Management
  4. Go-to-Definition
  5. Snippets
  6. Support for syntax coloring for XML, HTML and CSS
  7. Error Analysis
  8. Pep8 checker and fixer
  9. Auto-completion
  10. Outline Explorer
  11. Profiler
  12. Find-in-Files/Replace
  13. Code Library
  14. Split Editor ( Horizontal and Vertical )
  15. Etc.


Click on Release to view available downloads.


  1. Python 3 ( for running programs )
  2. PyQt4 ( if you are running from source )

Then perhaps:

  • Pywin32 for windows ( for stamping executables if you are running from source )


  • GPL v3

Latest version: 0.1.5

Mailing List:


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