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  • Debian packaging support, new makefile targets: dist, dist-sign, official-install, debian-dist-test, debian-dist

  • New location in docker image : /usr/bin/fortio for the binary, /usr/share/fortio for the resources

  • Docker volume for data is /var/lib/fortio but the default data directory is "." (current directory) for all installs. That data dir location is now printed at startup, e.g.:

Fortio 1.3.0 grpc 'ping' server listening on [::]:8079
Fortio 1.3.0 https redirector server listening on [::]:8081
Fortio 1.3.0 echo server listening on [::]:8080
Data directory is /Users/ldemailly/go/src/fortio.org/fortio
UI started - visit:
(or any host/ip reachable on this server)
11:53:00 I fortio_main.go:213> All fortio 1.3.0 bf3f2d9ff07ed03ef16be56af20d58dc0300e60f go1.11 servers started!
  • updated grpc to 1.15
Sep 14, 2018
debian package setup (#300)
* debian package setup

Non fpm / proper version of #302

fixes #246 for other architectures than linux x86_64 / inclusion in standard apt repoes

* Adding a 'make dist' producing what is needed for debian

* updating make release and doc to include src dist

* adding dist-sign target to sign the source tree distribution

* initial review comment fixes, thanks benjamin

* adding a more standard make install target using DESTDIR as staging prefix

* update dist tgz to contain toplevel makefile and include version and no need for git command invocations

* review comments + almost working

* don't evaluate shell commands at all if already set

* first working version - woot

* fixing dockerfile for new location of resources files

* prep for v1.2.3 release and release/README.md update; also less verbose debian-dist-test target

* fix for release staging inside docker for new location of the resources directory

* paths are now all without usr/local/ - switched default data dir for package to be same as go get one, ie current directory, print the data dir at startup, set docker current dir so data dir is still the volume at /var/lib/fortio, as a result of this change, bumped version to 1.3.x

* adding (minimal) man page so lintian is happier. added FORTIO_SKIP_TESTS support so repeated make debian-dist-test are faster iterations

* adding missing newline at end of debian/copyright file

* adding debian-dist for signing actual distribution (and running tests), switching to unstable in hope to release this now that it works

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Changes since v1.2.1: #302 we now build Debian (.deb) and RPM (.rpm) packages

Note: still to do (and help welcome) push those to official ubuntu, etc.. apt repositories (how?)

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This is a minor bug fix (#298) compared to Fortio v1.2.0 + switched the build to use go 1.11 (and corresponding new lint warning fixes), while still being compatible with go 1.8

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Early September release, Fortio is now standalone from Istio (while still being the synthetic load testing of choice of Istio) at https://github.com/fortio/fortio

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed duplicate Content-Type and Authorization headers (in connections past the first one) #292
  • Fixed doc lint errors #285
  • Fixed UI link to use https://fortio.org instead of http #286
  • Fixed the fortio.fcurl and fortio.echosrv smaller docker images build (now at https://hub.docker.com/r/fortio/ , from istio/ previously)

Changes (incompatible with 1.1, thus 1.2 version) :

  • Across the documentation and code base: changed vanity package url from istio.io/fortio to fortio.org/fortio #289
  • Changed http client user agent to fortio.org/fortio-* (from istio/fortio-*) and default volume data directory to /var/lib/fortio (from /var/lib/istio/fortio)
  • Changed JSON for GRPC results to use names/string from numerical code #290 - thanks @olimpias for the contribution.

@ldemailly ldemailly released this Aug 13, 2018 · 24 commits to master since this release

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A couple of cool new features in fortio 1.1:

  • Support for Unix Domain Sockets for both the server and the client (#276)
    fortio server -http-port /tmp/fortio/http-uds1
    fortio load -unix-socket /tmp/fortio/http-uds1 http://localhost/echo

  • Support for random payload generation or file based POST content for both gRPC and http (#270, #273 / #280 - Thanks @olimpias for the contributions) - Note there is a bug (#291) in header generation in this release which is fixed in 1.2.0

    • You can switch http client calls from GET to POST using -content-type
    • Or using -payload-file to specify the the content of the POST body
    • Or using -payload-size to generate a random binary body of that size
    • Or using -payload to send a small string as the body

And host of fixes and minor improvements (bug fix around custom headers and user authentication header, better fortio help output, etc...)

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Very minor patch release for fortio 1.0 with a couple of code and build clean up (in part for Mac homebrew so brew install fortio and fortio version shows the correct version)

Also fortio help (and fcurl -help) will show the help on stdout instead of stderr (#264).

See full change list.

@ldemailly ldemailly released this Jun 14, 2018 · 34 commits to master since this release

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After 1 year of development and 42 incremental releases, fortio is stable and with no known major issue, so I'm very proud to announce we just reached Fortio-1.0 🎉!

This release is functionally equivalent to 0.11.0 with just build refactoring, minor test changes, and a lot of doc changes. It's also building with go 1.10.3 by default (but is still 100% compatible with go 1.8)

Check out the improved https://github.com/istio/fortio#fortio doc and the https://github.com/istio/fortio/wiki/FAQ - please give feedback, contribute improvements!

-- Laurent and the fortio contributors

@ldemailly ldemailly released this May 22, 2018 · 38 commits to master since this release

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We are getting very close to fortio 1.0 🎉

Changes/new features:

  • #204/#249 -grpc-secure is deprecated and replaced by using https:// prefix for standard internet CA verification - or by providing the new -cacert. For the server side, use -key and -cert for mTLS grpc server - thanks @danehans for the contribution!

  • #244 New periodic -sync-interval for a fortio report server to periodically attempt to fetch new data file from cloud storage (what is used in https://fortio-daily.istio.io/ )

@ldemailly ldemailly released this May 1, 2018 · 41 commits to master since this release

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UI improvements (many thanks to @Tahler for the contributions):

  • #235,#243 There is now a dual/overlay chart to compare any 2 histograms
  • #237,#240 In the multi (>= 3) chart, show the QPS on right axis (can be turned on/off like all other data on the chart)
  • #238 The URL is now updating and encoding settings such as logarithmic axix, max, and which data file is being graphed


  • #229 let grpc to (for instance) https://fortio.istio.io/ work the same as without trailing /
  • #232 allow disabling of grpc server (using disabled as port name)
  • #236 show destination IP in verbose TCP proxy mode
  • Updated vendor (grpc) to 1.11.3