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Repository for building the documentation pages for the Fortran package manager (fpm).

Getting started

Get the code

git clone
cd fpm-docs

Install dependencies

The documentation pages are created using sphinx. You first need to install the required dependencies using conda or pip. This project uses


conda env create -n sphinx -f environment.yaml
conda activate sphinx


python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -U pip
pip install -r requirements.txt

Build fpm-docs

Build the documentation by invoking

make html

The website will be built in _build/html and can be previewed by opening the page with a browser (e.g. firefox, chromium or similar):

firefox file://$PWD/_build/html/index.html

By default all languages will be built. To limit the build to a single language subtree, i.e. English, use

make html LANGUAGES=en

Translating via weblate

Translations can be contributed via weblate.

Translation status

Update or add translations

The documentation uses the sphinx-intl utility to generate websites for multiple languages. It generates *.po files, which contain the original sentences and a placeholder for translations.

To update translations run

make gettext

if you only want to update a single translation add LANGUAGES=de to the command. This command will generate the message catalog (*.pot) and update the *.po files in the locale directory of the respective translations. Then edit the *.po files, e.g. locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/index.po. In the *.po files are paragraphs like

#: ../../pages/
msgid "Package manager and build system for Fortran"
msgstr ""

The first line describes the file and line where to find the original text.

The second line is the original text. Don't edit this line, edit the original document instead.

The third line is meant for the translation.

To continue a long string in another line, simply close the string in the current line with " and open another one in the line underneath. E.g.

msgstr "This is "
"one string"

don't forget a space between 'is' and 'one'

After adding or updating translations build the documentation as described above.

Pull Requests Previews

You can build the Preview of the fpm-docs website by opening a pull request and commenting #preview on the pull request. Similarly, you can force the deletion of the preview by commenting #delete-preview.